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К. Гиппиус. Дом А.А. Бахрушина. 1896.


Address:  31/12, Bakhrushina Street, Moscow, 115054 /Metro station «Paveletskaya»/

Phone numbers: +7 /495/ 953 48 48 /management/, +7 /495/ 953 44 70 – information about events and excursions

Fax: +7 495 953 54 48

A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum was founded on 29 October 1894 by prominent public figure, famous Muscovite industrialist and patron of art Alexey Alexandrovich Bakhrushin /1865 – 1929/.

Today museum funds possess more than 1,5 million exhibits. There are costume and set designs of outstanding scenography masters, photographs and portraits, stage costumes of great actors, programmes and playbills of performances, rare publications about theatre art, decorative and applied art objects and many more.

Main building and eleven branches of museum are located in Moscow: three memorial houses, four apartment museums, workshop museum, studio museum and two showrooms. Since December 2014 museum opened its representative office in Ulyanovsk at «Architect F.O. Livchak Atelier House» — branch of Museum Preserve «V.I. Lenin’s Homeland». In 2016 – 2017 museum will open its branch in Zaraysk (Moscow Oblast), in the Bakhrushins homeland.

A.A. Bakhrushin Theatre Museum is opened for theatregoers. In addition to numerous exhibitions and detailed excursion programmes interesting for both children and adults, museum’s «Schedule» presents meetings with well-known artists, recitals and readings, as well as lectures on theatre history with use of unique fund materials.


115054, Moscow,

Bakhrushina st, 31/12

ст. м. «Paveletskaya»

Opening hours

Вт, Пт, Сб, Вс:

10:00-19:00 /касса до 18:30/


10:00-21:00 /касса до 20:30/

Пн – выходной


Полный тариф:

300 руб.

Льготный тариф:

150 руб.

Стоимость экскурсий
и посещения выставок
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8 800 7777484

(для регионов)

/499/ 484-77-77 телефон для справок

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