A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum

Home Theatre in the Shchepkin House

Home Theatre in the Shchepkin House was established at the initiative and with the support of the prominent theatre designer Sergey Barkhin and the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum general director Dmitry Rodionov in 2008.

Conception is simple – a theatre that operates in home conditions for small number of «guests» of this house. Certainly, it is a modern theatre that uses all the achievements of today and all the diversity of theatrical schools.

Museum invited the famous Russian director Anatoliy Ledukhovsky for the theatre establishment: he has successful experience in the adaptation of chamber space and space, which seems not to be adapted for stage, for live theatre.

Theatre repertoire consists of the project «Playing Hopscotch», which includes spectacles about great representatives of the world culture – W. Shakespeare, A.S. Griboyedov, N.V. Gogol, A.P. Chekhov, S.V. Rakhmaninov /Russian translation for «hopscotch» is «klassiki», which is similar to «the classics» – translator’s note/; the project «Drawn Tales», made together with students of the Scenography Faculty of the Russian Institute for Theatre Arts /GITIS/, where ideas of visual theatre are elaborated. Theatre presents also the spectacles based on works of Russian and foreign literature. Several productions are recommended for family viewing.

Artists of the company «MODELTEATR», students of the Scenography Faculty of the Russian Institute for Theatre Arts /GITIS/, invited artists of theatres «Sovremennik» and «Masterskaya of P. Fomenko» participate in the spectacles of the Home Theatre.

Spectacles start at 20:00 /8 PM/
Ticket price: 500 rubles and 300 rubles /reduced tariff/. 600 rubles for particular spectacles
Tickets can be bought in the ticket office of the Shchepkin House Museum or ordered by phone +7 909 685 05 91 or by e-mail: schepkinhometheatre@gmail.com
Shchepkina Street, 47, building 2, Moscow, 129110 /metro station «Prospekt Mira»» — radial/

M.S. Shchepkin House Museum


+7 /495/ 600 61 52

+7 /909/ 685 05 91

Home Theatre in the Shchepkin House performances:

«On Gogol’s Moon» /Playing Hopscotch №1/

«Chekhov. Birds» /Playing Hopscotch № 2/

«Ghosts of Shakespeare» /Playing Hopscotch № 3/

«Hands of Rachmaninov» /Playing Hopscotch № 4/

«GRIBOEDOV-BLUES» /Playing Hopscotch № 5/

«Christmas Tale»

«Gifts of the Court Counsellor Drosselmeyer, Appeared in Dreams of Medicine Counsellor Stahlbaum’s Children on December 24th»


«Bobby Slocum, I Love You»

«CHAIKA. Live»

«The Mask»

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115054, г. Москва

ул. Бахрушина, д. 31/12 стр. 1

ст. м. «Павелецкая»

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