International Conference on Dance History «MARIUS PETIPA. THE BALLET EMPIRE: FROM RISE TO DECLINE»

Call for Papers: International Conference on Dance History «Marius Petipa. The Ballet Empire: From rise to decline»

The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Bakhrushin Theatre Museum, the Bolshoi Theatre, and the State Institute for Art Studies invite you to take part in the International Research Conference «MARIUS PETIPA. THE BALLET EMPIRE: FROM RISE TO DECLINE».
The conference marks the date Marius Petipa concluded his first contract with the Directorate of the Imperial Theatres, and suggests to scholars that his creative heritage be likened to that of a ballet empire.
The conference includes 6 panels: “In the Imperial Service”, “Diplomacy, Unions, and Wars”, “Economics and Society”, “Notation and Folklore”, “Geography and Language: Petipa’s heritage on the world map”, and “Petipa: Brand or Kitsch”.

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Call for papers deadline: March 31, 2018.
We would be happy to see you in Moscow in June.

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