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The Museum-Estate of M. S. Shchepkin

Live installation of theatre designers on the themes of life and love
Performers and artists:
Olga Bogatishcheva
Ekaterina Budnikova
Yutta Rotte
Sofia Kobozeva-Burganova
Mariya Belogortseva
Asya Skorik
Anastasiya Lavrentyeva
Ilya Seleznyov

Director — Anatoly Ledukhovsky

Project support — Sergey Barkhin, Dmitry Rodionov

Sound director — Dmitry Basin

/with the participation of the Scenography Faculty students of the Russian Institute for Theatre Arts (GITIS)/

Duration: 1 hour

Performance was presented on a festival in England. Recommended for family viewing

This performance-installation is made with participation of students of GITIS /not actors, but future theatre designers/. Artistic images and associations, shown on the stage, gradually form the whole conception – children games, fantasies and dreams create a very complex and adult attitude to love, solitude, cruelty, death and life… For 50 minutes such a quantity of beautiful, funny and sad, touching and repellent, naive and deeply meaningful situations passes in front of the audience that one doesn’t notice time. Scale of idea and reality – in my opinion, the main achievement of this performance… Relationships between actors – humans /children/ and angels – through small objects of theatrical model world open the freedom to the creative beginning… Round mini-stage and deliberately illusory, but at the same time credible: dolls, houses, birds, boats, flowers, cars and chairs and many other things – it is a whole planet of imagination. Space beyond the clouds and inhabited by «demiurges» – the artists – is around this planet.

OpenSpace, /19.04.2012/

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115054, г. Москва

ул. Бахрушина, д. 31/12 стр. 1

ст. м. «Павелецкая»

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