«Chekhov. Birds» /Playing Hopscotch № 2/

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The Museum-Estate of M. S. Shchepkin

Based on the famous play

Words from the play by Konstantin Treplev «People, Lions, Eagles and Partridges», the story by Guy de Maupassant «On the Water», the play by Anton Chekhov «The Seagull» and the space communication session with Valentina Tereshkova.


Kantemir Zhilov,
Sonya Zograbyan,
Kseniya Kochubey,
Olga Rostovschikova,
Evgeniya Samuylova,
Konstantin Taranov,
Mariya Tarelkina,
Irina Ukolova,
Anton Khovansky,
Vladimir Khodanov

Director — Anatoly Ledukhovsky

Project support — Sergey Barkhin, Dmitry Rodionov

Sound director — Dmitry Basin

/with the participation of the Scenography Faculty students of the Russian Institute for Theatre Arts (GITIS)/

Spectacle was performed on festivals in Germany in 2008 and in Italy in 2012

Duration: 1 hour without an interval

Press about the spectacle:

«The Seagull. A Sort of Decadence»

Anatoly Ledukhovsky put on an absolutely transparent performance — simple and succinct, surprisingly moderate and wisdom. Extremely sensual, spontaneous and improvisational — accurate and rational at the same time, in the true sense director’s theatre. This performance — like a sketch — who actually more valuable than dozens of «rich» performances, that recently I took some kind of perverse pleasure in attending them. Etudes, as opposed to words, are unique and pristine. They are simple. World soul has neither physical form nor gender.  «Became they one inside of me?» It’s made — so easy and naturally. The text turns out to be spent on it — the director seems to fear the words /even Chekhov’s word!/, and he is right, because for more than one hundred years the words were so used and he finds it difficult to return their original freshness.

Yury Fridstein, 09.2007, magazine «Strastnoy Boulevard» № 1-101

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