A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum

Library /Book Fund Department/

Book collection of the museum is established on the base of the personal library of Alexey Alexandrovich Bakhrushin. In the beginning of XX century, connoisseurs considered his theatrical library as the most complete and significant.

Later, the book collection got the libraries of actress G.N. Fedotova, directors and theatrical figures N.A. Popov and S.V. Vinogradov, decorator of the Bolshoi Theatre K.F. Waltz, theatre historian A.A. Yartsev and some other. Daughter of F.I. Chaliapin, Irina Fyodorovna, donated books from the library of the prominent Russian signer.

Today, the fund was replenished with book collections of professor V.A. Filippov, collector I.F. Boyarsky, collection of literature about Diaghilev’s activity of N.I. Elyash. Entrepreneur L.D. Leonidov and ballet dancer E. Cournand donated some valuable publications from abroad.

Chronologically, the fund includes the literature in Russian and foreign languages from the late XVII until today. In addition to books, magazines about the history of the theatre and works of drama writers, there are publications on common issues of culture and art.

Collection of the Russian theatrical publications of the XVIII century is unique, including a set of “The Russian Theatre” /Saint Petersburg, 1786-1794/. Interesting material for researchers is represented by the collection of repertoire plays from the library of theatrical bureau of E.N. Rassokhina. Museum stores the books, belonging to leading figures of the native theatre – P.S. Mochalov, M.S. Shchepkin, V.F. Komissarzhevskaya, M.N. Yermolova.

First publications of the works of D.I. Fonvizin, A.S. Pushkin, A.S. Griboedov, N.V. Gogol, A.N. Ostrovsky, A.P. Chekhov are among the rarities of the library. Bibliographical rarities are “The Drama Vocabulary” /Moscow, 1787/, a compilation “Theatre for the Good of Youth” /Moscow, 1779-1780/, a copy of prohibited tragedy of Y.B. Knyazhnin “Vadim Novgorodsky”, XVIII century’s publications of plays of foreign authors Metastasio, Locatelli, Pratt, Bonecci.

Collection of the books in foreign languages is also rich with rarities. It has almost unknown art publications devoted to the activity of L.S. Bakst, ballet performances of S.P. Diaghilev, stars of the Russian ballet Anna Pavlova and Vaslav Nijinsky.

Large collection of book autographs possesses the names of greatest writers, actors, directors: A.N. Ostrovsky, A.V. Sukhovo-Kobylin, A.P. Chekhov, K.S. Stanislavsky, A.Y. Tairov, L.V. Sobinov, T. Salvini, E. Verhaeren, Vs. Meyerhold, etc.

Currently, the museum’s book fund has more than 95 thousand units; 35 thousand among them belong to the rare book fund.

Reference apparatus of the department consists of general alphabetical catalogue and extensive network of card indices about plays, libretto of ballets and operas, autographs, materials about museum, personal collections, native publications of XVIII – first quarter of XIX centuries. Department also has a catalogue of articles from native professional magazines /from 1963/.

Director of the Book Fund Department: Tatyana Borisovna Bonilla.

Tel.: +7 /495/ 690-58-67

Department’s address: 11, building 2, Tverskoy Boulevard /Metro Stations “Tverskaya”, “Pushkinskaya”, “Chekhovskaya”/.

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