A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum

First Theatrical Book Fair Open at Bakhrushin Theatre Museum



The A.A. Bakhrushin Theatre Museum will host the First Theatrical Book Fair, organized together with the NAVONA publishing house, on September 28-30. About 20 publishing houses will take part in the fair: Eksmo, Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, GITIS, Agraf, Kraft+, Art Volkhonka, Vita Nova, Ad Marginem Press, etc. They publish professional and popular literature about the theatre and the theatrical art.
There will be books’ presentations with the participation of authors and invited guests. A presentation of Vidas Silyunas’s book «Spanish Classical Theatre’s Scenic Language’s Secrets» will take place on September 28, and the next day, on September 29, Marina Radina and Nikolay Tsiskaridze will present the latest edition of diaries, letters and memoirs of Matilda and Joseph Kshesinsky.
Throughout the entire fair the museum will have a booth with theatrical publications and exhibition catalogs designed as a gift for the first 50 visitors. There are such gift books as A. Mikhaylova’s «Meyerhold and Artists», D. Borovsky’s «Space Running Away», I. Zolotussky’s «The Books of My Fate. Lectures at the Theatre Museum in Three Notebooks» and other publications of the Bakhrushin Museum. When buying a ticket for one lecture from the Nikita Myodov’s Fashion and Theatre cycle, you receive an illustrated catalog of the exhibition «Costume at the Turn of the Century. 1990– 2015». There also will be children’s master classes /«Theatrical Dictionary», «Papa Carlo’s Suitcase», «History of a Ballet Shoe»/, tours to the Bakhrushin’s mansion and a draw of books. A detailed program schedule and information about children’s events can be found here.

The food court will be open during the entire fair.

The grand fair opening will take place on September 28 at 12:00.
Fair participants:
Poryadok Slov Bookstore
Ad Marginem Press Publishing House
Agraf Publishing House
Kraft+ Publishing House
Russian Ballet Academy
Art Volkhonka Publishing House
Baltic Seasons Publishing House
Boslen Publishing House
Vita Nova Publishing House
State Institute of Art Studies
GITIS Publishing House
Zamysly Magazine
Teatr Magazine
Teatral Magazine
Kuchkovo Pole Publishing House
Levsha Publishing House
Navona Publishing Group
Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie Publishing House
Petropolis Publishing House
Planeta Muzyki Publishing House
Samokat Publishing House
Progress-Traditsiya Publishing House
STSENA Magazin
Eksmo Publishing House

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