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The exhibition «The Theatre Illusion», devoted to the 200th anniversary of the Gonzaga Theatre in Arkhangelskoye, is open from August 8 at the Main Building of the A.A. Bakhrushin Theatre Museum. You can order an author’s tour of Evgeniya Rappoport and a toor «Music for Eyes». The tours are available when buying a ticket for the exhibition.

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Evgeniya Rappoport’s author’s tour:

Evgeniya Rappoport tells about the creative life of Pietro Gonzaga and his theatre: set designs, sketches, drawings, models, the relationship between the Italian artist and Prince Nikolay Yusupov, the theatrical space of the Arkhangelskoye estate, about Arkhangelskoye and Yusupov in the Alexander Pushkin’s poetry.

11, 18, 25 August; 1, 8, 15 September /Saturday/ at 12:00.

12, 19, 26 August; 2, 9, 16 September /Sunday/ at 12:00.

Duration: 45 minutes.

Price: a group up to 10 persons – 1500 rubles

«Music for Eyes» tour:

Not only the elements of the auditorium and theatrical machinery’s design survived until our days, but also the original decorations of the Italian master. During the tour you will learn about the 200-year history of the unique Gonzaga theatre, where the main idea was not the actor’s play, but the set changes, the enjoyment of illusion. The theatre in Arkhangelskoye is a «Music for eyes». There is no analogue to this old theatre at the moment.

Price: a group up to 10 persons – 1000 rubles; a group of more than 10 persons – 2000 rubles

Preliminary subscription is required and possible only during the exhibition opening hours – from September 8 to September 16, 2018.

Subscribe here: muzey@list.ru, 8 /495/ 953 44 70

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