Online selling of the tickets for the exhibition «Aristarkh Lentulov’s Mystery Bouffe»



We are glad to announce that we have launched an online sale of tickets for the exhibition «Aristarkh Lentulov’s Mystery Bouffe».

Do not miss the unique exhibition dedicated to the work of the great representative of the Russian avant-garde! You will get the most complete show of his works for the last 30 years: about 250 works from 20 museums in Russia, private collections, as well as pieces from the Fyodor Lentulov’s collection / Fyodor Lentulov  is the great-grandson of the artist/.

You can buy your ticket here.

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115054, Moscow,

Bakhrushina st, 31/12

ст. м. «Paveletskaya»

Opening hours

Вт - Вс:

10:00-19:00 /касса до 18:30/

Пн – выходной


Полный тариф:

300 руб.

Льготный тариф:

150 руб.

Стоимость экскурсий
и посещения выставок
см. в разделе



8 800 7777484

(для регионов)

/499/ 484-77-77 телефон для справок

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