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«Kochergin. Theatre». Exhibition devoted to the artist’s anniversary


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The exhibition «Kochergin. Theatre» devoted to the famous theatrical artist’s anniversary is held at the Coach House of the A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum from 9 December to 1 February.

Eduard Kochergin (born in 1937) is a People’s Artist of Russia, a writer, a full member of the Russian Academy of Arts, a winner of State Prizes, a Recipient of the Order «For Merit to the Fatherland» of 3rd and 4th degrees, a laureate of international festivals, prizes and exhibitions. Since 1972 Eduard Kochergin is a main artist of the Tovstonogov Bolshoy Drama Theatre. During his creative activity the artist has designed more than 200 performances in Russia and abroad. He collaborated with Anatoly Efros, Yuri Lyubimov, Kama Ginkas, Lev Dodin and many other outstanding directors of the Soviet and Russian theatres.

The exhibition at the A.A. Bakhrushin Theatre Museum was organized with the participation of the St. Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music, the Tovstonogov Bolshoy Drama Theatre, the Dostoevsky Literary Memorial Museum, the Maly Drama Theatre – Theatre of Europe, the St. Petersburg State Theatre Library and the Museum of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre.

The exhibition «Kochergin. Theatre» is an ambitious retrospective of the artist’s works. It presents set and costume designs from such performances as «King Henry IV» and «Three Sisters» directed by G. Tovstonogov, «Molière» directed by S. Yursky, «Live and Remember», «Brothers and Sisters», «Demons», «A Gentle Creature» directed by L. Dodin, «Hamlet» directed by K. Gintas and many others. The exhibition includes 119 designs and scale models from the Eduard Kochergin’s personal collection, as well as designs for remarkable performances and productions not realized for various reasons.

In total, the exhibition will feature over 200 exhibits. Its curator is Nadezhda Khmelyova, an art critic.

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115054, Moscow,

Bakhrushina st, 31/12

ст. м. «Paveletskaya»

Opening hours

вт. – вс.:

11:00 – 20:00 /касса до 19:30/

пн. – выходной

Санитарный день: последняя пятница месяца


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