A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum

Exhibition devoted to Vladimir Serebrovsky’s 80th anniversary «We Will Leave, but the Universe Will Always Exist»


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A.A. Bakhrushin State Central Theatre Museum

The retrospective exhibition of Vladimir Serebrovsky’s works, devoted to the artist’s 80th anniversary, is held at the Main Building of the A.A. Bakhrushin Theatre Museum from November 24.

Vladimir Serebrovsky (1937 – 2016) is a Soviet and Russian theatrical artist, a People’s Artist of the Russian Federation (2007), a member of the Union of Artists and the Union of Theatre Workers, a member of the Stage Design Committee of the Union of Theatre Workers.

Vladimir Serebrovsky has worked in Soviet and Russian theatres during all his rich creative life : the Yermolova Theatre, the Sverdlovsk Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Tajik State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya. The work as a main designer at the Moscow Art Theatre became one of the most important periods in Serebrovsky’s life. He has designed 32 plays there, many of which are still performed today and are highly demanded in Moscow : for example, «Othello of a District Town», «The Savage», «Vassa Zheleznova», «The Marriage of Belugin».

The panel painting is a significant part of the artist’s works. Vladimir Serebrovsky is one of the few artists who has turned from abstract to figurative art. A great connoisseur of oriental culture, he traveled a lot in Nepal, India, Japan, China. It is worth noting in particular that he created illustrations for the Indian epic poem «Ramayana».

Serebrovsky refused to use canvas with oil and began to paint on cardboard with transparent tempera and gouache under the influence of philosophy and meditative techniques of South and East Asia. Returning to Russia after a travel through the countries of the East, the artist mixes a bright Asian colour with the Russian landscape. The nature of the Moscow region, the noble estates, the dense forest illustrated by Serebrovsky on the cardboard are saturated with colours and light just like the Japanese gardens and the Pamir mountains.

The exceptionally rich exhibition at the A.A. Bakhrushin Theatre Museum presents 126 artist’s works created from 1965 to 2015. There will be shown paintings of various formats and designs for plays («The Government Inspector» by N. Gogol, «Cyrano de Bergerac» by E. Rostand, «The Marriage of Belugin» by A. Ostrovsky and N. Soloviev), as well as collages and drawings made by different techniques. Besides that, there will be recreated the artist’s studio, where the visitors can see the artist’s collections of Suzani textile, ceramic figurines, musical instruments he played (sitar and pump organ), listen to meditative melodies and watch fragments of films and performances Vladimir Serebrovsky has worked for.

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115054, Moscow,

Bakhrushina st, 31/12

ст. м. «Paveletskaya»

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вт. – вс.:

11:00 – 20:00 /касса до 19:30/

пн. – выходной

Санитарный день: последняя пятница месяца


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